Web Logo is not a free access site   principle  

     It includes :
  • a screen definition first draft which can be modified or accepted as is;
  • A final model to download;
  • A CD or Floppy disk with the original document recorded under standard formats EPS,JPEG and GIF.
Our creations are invoiced all rights transferred. However, Weblogofactory is entitled to present any creation as reference on any communication media for the purposes of promotion.

   TERM : 24 ou 72 hours.
     - A first draft on screen,
     - The approved final model,
     - You will be invoiced for the disk and postage costs
     are charged :

  • You just fill out a form describing the logo, and technical specifications.
  • Following payment of an account of 50% of the total cost by cheque or credit card, an initial design (screen size) may be consulted directly on our site.
  • You can either accept or modify the logo.

    If you modify your logo,
    You may use the form provided to specify the modifications you require. You may request several modifications until full validation of your logotype.

    If you accept your logo,
    A secure payment form will include your order to download and you may pay by cheque or credit card. Folowing reception of payment, a CD and invoice will be sent to you.

    For your secure payment by credit card,
    take advantage of 
US.$250 v.a.t

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